Walking beside you from darkness to light
What to Expect     
An initial telephone conversation will give you the chance to raise any concerns you may have and for us to start to get to know each other a little and for you to feel more comfortable about coming for counselling and starting to address something which may have been bothering you for some time.  If you decide you'd like to take it further, we can arrange a face to face session.
I can usually arrange the first face to face session within a week or two, when we will meet for one hour.  I will ask you some questions and the focus will be on clarifying why you want to have counselling or coaching and what you are hoping to achieve from it.  I will explain more about how I work and, together, by the end of the session we should both have some idea of how I might be able to help you, what you want to gain and how we are going to achieve it.  We don't normally arrange a fixed number of sesssions as this can vary tremendously but it is my experience that 4 sessions is usually the minimum required.  Some people will come for 8-12 sessions and some clients will have longer term arrangements.  There is no fixed programme.  You decide.  We would normally review progress at regular intervals (eg at 6 weeks).